Fort Knox trail reroute letter to DNR

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Fort Knox trail reroute letter to DNR

#1 Post by john » Sat Apr 21, 2018 10:21 am

The following is from Eric Troyer and I have asked him to include FST membership as a whole in supporting his comment letter to DNR.

Please let me know if you have any issue with this or would like to add further comments.

The comment letter is attached below.


If you haven’t already been notified, Fairbanks Gold Mining, Inc., which operates Fort Knox Mine, has submitted a proposal to reroute a portion of two trails near the mine (see link below). The proposal is contingent on the mine deciding to expand to the west, which it will decide by the middle of the year. (It’s likely that the mine will decide to expand.)

(Link to proposal announcement, which has a link to the full proposal, here:

I have looked over the proposal along with a couple of trail experts and have written a letter that I plan to submit. I am looking for individuals, groups, and businesses to sign on to the letter. I have attached the letter as well as a topo map of the proposed reroute. I have also attached a small version (600KB) of the document I refer to in the letter. If you’d like to see a large version (3MB), just let me know.

I understand that everyone may not agree with everything I have written. So, I am fine if people want to use the letter as a basis for their own comments. The most important thing is that the trail community comment, so that Fairbanks Gold Mining, Inc., and the state know we care about what happens to our trails.

Also, feel free to forward this to anyone not included in this email who you think might be interested.

The deadline for comment is May 7, so please email me by May 1. I want to send the letter with plenty of time and I’ll be busy with family stuff later that week and through the weekend.

If you decide you would like to sign on, let me know the following:

Name (with the spelling you would like used)

If applicable include
Organization or business
Position in the organization or business
Fort Knox Reroute Comment 04-18.pdf
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