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Iron Dog 2013

#1 Post by john » Wed Jan 09, 2013 11:42 am

Hi fellow Snow Travelers,

The Iron Dog starts Feb 17th and is scheduled to end in downtown Fairbanks on Sat Feb 23th.

We'll need some help staffing the office during the week of Feb 17 through the 23th. Jody and Steve have staffed it in the past and will be doing so again (Thank You). However, it’s a lot of hours for two people and some additional help would sure be appreciated.

Trail work will begin during the week of Monday Feb, 18th or sooner if weather allows.

We have four (4) basic trail sections:

1. Tanana River from Nenana to the Mouth of the Chena;
2. Tanana River from the Mouth of the Chena to the Flood way Dike at the Flood Control Project;
3. Across the Flood Control Project to the Chena River by the dam;
4. Chena River from the dam to downtown Fairbanks.

What we would like to do is start setting the trail. The first section should be OK and we'll check it out during the FST's Sweetheart run, Feb 17th.

If we can get the other sections tracked on Monday through Wed of race week, then run it all on Friday or Saturday (finish day) and set stakes we should be good to go.

Ideally, we could use a minimum of 4 crews of at least two each for each section. I'll be doing the Flood Control section as I also have to get the Fuel Depot area plowed and set up as well. Plan is to start running the groomer over this section as the wheat in the Floodway is pretty high and thick and a good path would help.

Steve Nolan and Paul R. have volunteered to stake the first section in the past and I'm hoping you will again this year.

Steve and Nicole will be staffing the Fuel Depot during race day and helping with the staking through the Floodway.

Still need a couple folks to run and stake on the Tanana from the mouth of the Chena River to the Floodway Dike, the Chena Lake Dam to downtown section, as well as some additional help for the other 3 sections.

Please let me know if you’re willing and able to help out. This is our sport and your help is very much appreciated.


Please let me know of your interest by replying or emailing me at

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