February 2014 Minutes

Minutes from the Board and General membership meetings.

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February 2014 Minutes

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The February general membership meeting was at Northern Power Sports on 19 February. There were eight board members and 11 general members present.

Peter opened the meeting at 1910 with a discussion of our upcoming rondy (8 March) and our need for volunteers. Following that, he introduced the new board and asked Myles about the Beaver Point Lodge ride (15-16 March) and Larry about the Alpine Lodge ride (8 March). Myles needs between four and 12 riders and needs a commitment "soon" so he can buy groceries.

Peter introduced Dick Bishop, the chairman of the Interior delegation of the Alaska Outdoor Council (AOC). Dick talked about things we have in common and asked that we send a rep or a proxy to the annual AOC meeting in Anchorage (14-15 March). A motion was made, seconded and carried to appoint Dick Bishop as our proxy. He knows what our issues are.

Steven was asked to give a report on what is going on in the Alaska State Snowmobile Association. He talked about the grooming pool problem, Kevin Hyte's inaccurate articles and where registration fees go in Northern Region.

Larry talked about trails. He said the FNSB has finally become involved in Geoff Orth's lawsuit. Ft. Knox is doing a reroute of the trail around their mine. The next part of the 100 mile loop to be put in will likely be the Isberg-Tanana River stretch. Everyone is on board to change the 100 loop to multi-use.

John Jonston talked about help still needed for the Iron Dog/Tired Iron (22 February).

The meeting adjourned at 2030.

Paul Renschen

Paul S. Renschen

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