General Membership meeting, 3/19/14

Minutes from the Board and General membership meetings.

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General Membership meeting, 3/19/14

#1 Post by paulneva » Sat Mar 22, 2014 8:57 am

Meeting opened at 1910 with 13 members present. Board members present were Peter, Tim, Steven, Stoney and me.

Peter gave the Treasurer’s report: $1,389 in checking and no change in either savings account.

John Johnston provided the details of the Tanana River Challenge and their request for help this Saturday.

The BLM guest speaker was a no-show.

Stoney is leading a Chena Lakes ride on Saturday. It will meet in the second parking lot and depart at 1000. There will be a bonfire and chile at the end of the ride.

Steven was asked about Arctic Man. Steven and five other FST members are going down.

Peter is going to lead a ride at Cantwell this Saturday. He will post the details in the Forum.

Steven gave a report on the Alpine Creek ride. They had an extremely late start and too little time there. Conditions were great and the Alpine Creek Lodge is a great place to stay. Steven recommends staying two nights next time.

I reported on the special maps that five members had ordered. The price has gone from $20 to $38. I should have the maps next Wednesday.

Tony gave a report on a woman having a stroke on her snowmachine while at full throttle on her first ride. It was an exciting story. Hopefully he will put it in the Newsletter.

John Johnston talked about Iron Dog tracking this year. They used the SPOT GPS tracker. It was the best tracking they have ever had. There was considerable discussion about how good the SPOT has become. They are available at Beaver Sport, The Prospector, Sportsman’s Warehouse and online.

Stoney, Nick and John Lubbin told Trek stories, e.g. how Nick cooked two belts and almost missed the cutoff for the ride home, the extreme cold from Dawson to Chicken and how beautiful the ride into Tok was.

Peter talked about the Snowmelt Potluck. Steven has offered his place in Chena Marina which has a cabin, two decks, and grills. The Potluck will be there, 1200-1600, 18 May. See the Newsletter and Forum for further information.

Meeting adjourned at 2025.

Paul S. Renschen

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