AUG 2014 Board Meeting

Minutes from the Board and General membership meetings.

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AUG 2014 Board Meeting

#1 Post by mit » Wed Aug 06, 2014 9:26 pm

The next Board meeting will be AUG 20th 6:00pm at Pikes.

Tim Berg
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Re: AUG 2014 Board Meeting minutes

#2 Post by paulneva » Sun Aug 24, 2014 5:17 pm

The August board meeting opened at 1800 hrs on 20 August at Pike’s Landing. Board members present were Peter Vredenburgh, Tim Berg, Paul Renschen, Steven Enoch, Stoney Robertson and Myles Thomas.

Paul talked about a ride to Ester Dome. We can’t get there anymore. It is a legal trail. A miner has blocked it and the Borough has decided not to pursue the case.

Stoney went into detailed ride planning and filled a number of dates. The 15 October general membership meeting will be at Northern Power Sports. Steven will contact Compeau’s to see if they want to host the Swap Meet on 18 October.

Peter said his resignation as president was premature. He will remain in office until January. In January, he will take over the News Letter and maintain the membership list.

Paul will contact Jody and Steve about the Rondy and Winter Show.

Setup for the Winter Show will be on 10 October. Peter has all the stuff for the exhibit but the kiddy machine. The fee is already paid. Paul and Stoney said they could help with setup.

Steven will be going to the Snow TRAC meeting soon.

The next board meeting will be on 2 October at the Library. Peter said he would reserve the room.

The meeting adjourned at 1900.

After the meeting adjourned, Larry Morris arrived. He did not have a treasurer’s report. He did say that Alpine Creek Lodge agreed to a price of $67.50/person/day for the 27-30 March ride.

Paul S. Renschen

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