November General Membership meeting minutes

Minutes from the Board and General membership meetings.

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November General Membership meeting minutes

#1 Post by paulneva » Wed Nov 26, 2014 4:36 pm

The November General Membership meeting opened at 1904 on 19 November at the Polaris Outpost. Members present were: Peter Vredenburgh, Jody Nolan, Tim Berg, Paul Renschen, Larry Morris, Stoney Robertson, Stephen Enochs, Myles Thomas, Darrell Bohn, Steve Nolan, Kerry Barnes, Alan Onderllk, Bernie Count, Steve Ellis, David Petruske, Michael Canady, Nick Schwartz, John Lubben, Mike Armstrong, Randy Graudon, Shaure Murrphey, Steve Miicsse, Juan Goula, Alan Compare, Chantelle McGinness and Mike Carney.

Tim asked if there were any new members present. Nick and Mike introduced themselves.

Tim introduced our guest presenter, Goeffry Orth. Goeff has been the leader of an effort to reopen the trail going west out of Ester. The trail, actually a road, dates back to 1903. It had been open through a mining site for as long as anyone can remember until a few years ago when a local miner, without reason or notice, put up gates and berms making it impassable. Geoff has been in court for years now trying to get it reopened. The cost to date has been over $50,000. The presentation was well recieved.

A request was made for a volunteer to take over publicity. We have a few events every year, e.g. the Swap Meet, that we want to attract non-members to. For those events, we need a publicity person, someone to contact the News-Miner and some radio stations.

Both Peter Vredenburgh and Stephen Enochs are considering taking over the Newsletter.

The Treasurer reported $1,906.56 in checking, $1,417.88 in savings and $1,256.89 in the Life Member account. A few hundred dollars are due to Jody and Crystal for expenses.

The Rondy will be on 14 March. Jody has the FST lead.

Stoney asked for volunteers to lead rides on 6, 20 and 27 December. The calendar is open on those dates. The ride leader picks the destination.

The Trek Over The Top (Tok to Dawson City and back) may be in its last season. There is only one ride this year. The dates are 5-8 March. Stoney has application forms.

The Tolovana ride (3-4 January) has 12 riders and still has six spaces. Contact Tim Berg to sign up.

Dave Wever (907 388 8601) has two 120s that he would like to see used in kid’s safety classes throughout the winter.

Door prizes were raffled off.

Next GM Meeting is at Compeau’s on 17 December.

The meeting adjourned at 2015.

Paul S. Renschen

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