December Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the Board and General membership meetings.

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December Board Meeting Minutes

#1 Post by paulneva » Thu Dec 11, 2014 10:15 pm

The Board meeting opened at 1810 hrs on 6 December in the Noel Wien Library. Board members present were Tim Berg, Paul Renschen, Steven Enoch and Stoney Robertson.

Tim asked approval to pay two outstanding debts, $500-something to Crystal for Newsletter expenses and $65 to himself for miscellaneous expenses. The board approved.

We talked about scheduling a ride up Ester Dome. Paul and Steven have both done that ride but neither of them knew how to get up Ester Dome without using the blocked road through the mine site west of Ester.

Steven brought up an article in the 28 November “News-Miner” asking for trail reports. As there is usually a ride report written up after all our rides, with a little editing we could get some good publicity. Steven was going to send the details to Crystal for the Newsletter and post the instructions in the Forum.

Steven said there was an important article on the future of SnowTRAK in the Alaska SnowRider. The FST is going to be asked for a position. We need to develop one. Steven would like to do a briefing at the February GM meeting. The board concurred.

Steven said he looked into taking over the Newsletter and decided he was not up to it. He said he will look into a third party publisher. The board agreed that a third party publisher would probably be too expensive so, barring someone stepping forward to take it over, December’s will be the last Newsletter.

There was a discussion about our website. All agreed that it was our most valuable asset. All agreed that if John Johnston died or left town it would be the end of our website. All agreed that this was a hazzard the next board should try to fix.

Only five of the current board members agreed to stay on for another year. Six to eight board members are required. There was considerable discussion on who might be recruited.

The December GM meeting will be at Compeau’s on 17 December. Chel Ethum from BLM will be the guest speaker. Other subjects to be covered include the Newsletter, elections, the ride calendar and the Tolovana ride.

The meeting adjourned at 2000 hrs.

Paul S. Renschen

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Re: December Board Meeting Minutes

#2 Post by john » Fri Dec 12, 2014 6:46 am

Website Discussion: Good topic, I think I need to do a presentation to the new board after it is seated in Feb and go over all the pros and cons.

We have an interactive site so it does take hands on intervention by who ever is maintaining it. This can be acquired as a service for a fee. The initial (and reoccurring) non-interactive cost would include the domain name services and site hosting fees. These are yearly and monthly fees.

The interactive fees would be for the daily maintenance and upkeep. This is hard to estimate as it would be most likely at an hourly rate and include the monthly updating of the ride list, trails quarterly, newsletter (which may not be an issue) periodical checking of the links and content on the site to make sure their still valid and active, review of new members to ensure their not spammer's, and the site code updates as well as other interactive web site maintenance needs.

I could help teach some of the board members how to do some of this and have offered to do so in the past with limited success. So I would suggest we consider hiring a company that does this type of service for a fee and the board consider that ongoing cost.

Alternative is to revert the site back to a non-interactive site. Again, let me do a presentation to the board at Feb or Mar meeting.

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