December GM Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the Board and General membership meetings.

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December GM Meeting Minutes

#1 Post by paulneva » Sat Dec 20, 2014 11:12 am

The December ’14 GM meeting opened at 1915 at Compeau’s on 17 December. Members present were Tim Berg, Paul Renschen, Larry Morris, Stephen Enochs, Stoney Robertson, David Petroske, John Magyesi, Kerry Barns, Michael Canady, James Mormon, Dave Oliver, James Shill, Darrell Bohn, Dawn Murphy, Shawn Murphy and Nick Schwartz.

The featured speaker was Chil Ethun, the Assistant Field Manager at BLM. She wanted to update us on what is going on in the White Mountains. The trails are open but the riding conditions are not good. There was lots of wind so lots of snow was blown away. The old Moose Creek cabin was torn down and a new one put up about 1/4 mile off the trail. There is a new management plan coming out in 2015. There should be no changes in ORV rules for the next four to five years. They are studying changes to the cabin reservation system and length of stay rules. They have received requests for guided tours and are studying implementation. They are setting up an online forum and hope to have it up in January. They actually want user input.

Larry reported that we have $1,981 in checking with $800 due out for Newsletter and event expenses, $1,417.88 in savings and $1,256.89 in the Life Member account.

Tim explained why there was no December Newsletter and said there would be a December/January Newsletter which might be the last one. The board is looking into third-party printing. Nick Schwartz said he would take over the Newsletter if he can get the templates.

Tim said that he, Stoney Robertson, Stephen Enoch, Larry Morris and Myles Thomas had agreed to run again for the board. The by-laws require six to eight board members. Paul said, based on experience, one or more board members will drop out in the course of a year so it is best to start with eight. Dawn Murphy nominated Shawn Murphy. Dave Petroske and Dave Oliver self nominated.

Darrell and Stoney are planning an Ester Dome ride. It was recommended that they trailer to the top and ride down. Stoney requested ride leaders for the open dates. Dave Oliver volunteered to lead a ride to Caribou Lakes on 18 April.

The final item was the drawing for the door prizes. Nick won the collapsable shovel donated by Midnight Sun ATV Tours. Stoney won a $20 gift certificate from Compeau’s. Larry won a Snow Travelers shirt. Dave Oliver won a large scale laminated map of the Delta area.

The meeting adjourned at 2030.

Paul S. Renschen

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