Jan 8, 2015 Board Meeting

Minutes from the Board and General membership meetings.

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Jan 8, 2015 Board Meeting

#1 Post by mit » Sun Jan 11, 2015 7:48 pm

FST Board meeting
Jan 8, 2015
Board members present: Pres. Peter Vredenburgh, V.P. Tim Berg, Past Pres. Jody Nolan, Stoney Robertson, Steve Enoch, Myles Thomas, Absent, Larry Morris, Paul Renschen, Jim Miller

Treasures report: Savings 1,418.23, Life Time Savings 1,257.20, and Checking 2181.56.

Peter is going to update and maintain the membership List.

Ballot for upcoming election of Board members will be: Tim Berg, Stoney Robertson, Steve Enoch, Peter Vredenburgh, Myles Thomas, Shawn Murphy, Larry Morris, Dave Oliver, and Dave Petroske.

Snow Rondy: Is in the planning stage Mar 8 or 14th Radar Run and Pea Pot will be on again. Bad to the Bone Barbecue.

News Letter: Steve contacted Date Line and Advance Printing, the lowest cost was 200 per month all agreed that was too much. Idea was scraped. Dave Oliver will be asked to take over Newsletter. Discussion on mailing the newsletter: A motion was made by Peter to discontinue mailings and rely on just the web site. At the same time printing 80 copies and hand carrying 20 copies to each Dealer and havening 20 copies at each General membership meeting. Myles second the motion, the vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.

John Johston has agreed to train someone as a backup on maintaining the web site. Suggested: Shawn Murphy.

Tim suggested charging a buck a ticket for our drawings. After discussion it was voted to have one Item to sell tickets at $1 for 1 ticket or 6 tickets for $5. Other drawing items will be free. This to take effect at the Februarys General membership meeting.
Steve is going to research cost of Coffee cups with the Snow Travelers logo on them.
Meeting adjourned at 7:45PM

Tim Berg VP

Tim Berg
The Snowmachine Registration, needs to be Repealed!

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