March General Membership Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the Board and General membership meetings.

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March General Membership Meeting Minutes

#1 Post by john » Sun Mar 26, 2017 6:34 pm

March 15, 2017 held at The Outpost, Fairbanks, AK 7pm

President John J. Call to order @ 7pm

Members present:
Kerry Barnes, Mike Canady, John Johnston, Ingrid Oliver, David Oliver, Stoney Robertson, Darrell Bohn, Stephen Enochs, Terry Nunes, Alvin Bechler, Jesse Miller-Harris, Nick Schwartz, Jody Maxim, Phillip Maxim, Steve Miresse, Larry Morris, Jerry Curry, Tom Siebels, Anne Johnson, 19 total.

FST Board Meeting Minutes, March 2, 2017, minutes approved.

FST Financial Information: $4388.07 total, $1325.80 savings, $3062.27 checking
Stated that there are 4 lifetime memberships at $350 ea. making up the clubs savings. Petition by John J. to move $1000.00 into an interest bearing account or CD so as to offset bank fees. Steve E. motions for approval with Ingrid O. seconding, all stating yea. Stoney R. or Steve E. will move funds on or after 04/01/2017.

A summary of expenditures include: laptop and Quicken home and business software $440.96. Alaska Outdoor Council Membership (AOC) $60.00, sharing of booth w/ Iron Dog at this falls winter show $212.50. The ordering of club patches was approved, 3 inch round, to be included with new memberships and $5.00 otherwise.

Club bylaws: The club bylaws shall be amended and rewritten to include electronic motions and voting to be completed at the April 13th board meeting.

Old business addressed:
Wilderness Search and Rescue (WSAR) information was revisited with action to include contact with the organization and inform of club members signed up for training and volunteer services.

Newsletter input was discussed with the petition for more content to be forwarded to newsletter editor Ingrid O.

Guest speaker:
Burke Barrick, Fairbanks Security Manager for Alyeska Pipeline provided the club with a overview of security guidelines and distributed RUG (rules of use guidelines) permit forms. It was noted that permits could not be issued at the meeting as originally planned, citing issuing permits needing to be completed at Alyeska’s main office in Fairbanks, however form information were taken and provided a head start for the RUG permit. Burke provided an in depth Q and A of Alyeska’s security protocols, explained private property, pump station information, mile post interpretation etc.

Break 7:30-7:45

End of season potluck:
Jody Maxim noted the online sign up at Perfect Potluck online code info was transposed with the given code being 3809 and the actual code needed is 8309.

Discussion of funding options and ideas:
A discussion of the clubs need for funds to empower and further the clubs presence in the community i.e. promotion of the Fairbanks Snow Travelers. Topics being, raffles with the partnership and permit use with AOC, ideas being, larger ticket items like a snowmobile, spaghetti feed, grant possibilities. End results being funding for the club to provide trail grooming services, possibilities for a club house, provide trail marking and trail improvements.
It was noted that Tired Iron has received a 501c3 designation and Iron Dog expenditures being approximately $1.5 million to operate and $550,000.00 in prize monies last year to provide perspective. Point of sale equipment to receive money is deemed necessary and will be pursued and implemented.

Stoney R. noted the Arctic Man kick off party is Friday the 17th at Gene’s Chrysler starting around 5:00pm, pizza and 120 racing will be happening. Also noted the Tired Iron is taking place on Sunday the 19th at the field next to Fred Meyer east.

Alpine Creek Lodge for the 25th and 26th is booked so therefore cancelled.
March 18th will be Cantwell and a ride to Caribou Lakes.
March 25th is Tanana flats meeting at Chena Pump landing at 9:30
April 3rd – 9th Arctic Man
April 8th Nordale to Chatanika

Noted that the remaining Bonnifield trail bridge will be moved and stored at Blair Lakes for installation next winter. Suggestions for meeting ideas and content include, maintenance clinic, getting unstuck, winter survival. Larry Morris will seek information from trail commission regarding status of grooming trails including the 100 mile loop. Possible adoption of 100 mile loop trail maintenance and upkeep.

Getting ready for summer ATV rides were briefly discussed with Steve E. mentioning Delta rides, Donna Lakes and mile post 1408 on the Alaska Hwy.

Drawing for goodies:
Mike C. – Burandt DVD
Alvin B. – Braaap DVD
Phillip M. – Braaap 14 DVD
Ingrid O. – Trek over the Top, Dawson cozie

The next board meeting is April 13 at Denny's 6:00pm
April General Membership Meeting at Compeaus on April 19th.
End of season potluck May 20th at Steve Enochs.
Meeting adjourned 8:56 submitted by David Oliver, FST secretary

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