March 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the Board and General membership meetings.

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March 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

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Fairbanks Snow Travelers, Board Meeting Minutes
March 2, 2017
Location, Denny's Fairbanks 6:00pm

President, John Johnston call to order at 6:05pm

Board members and members present;
Stoney Robertson, Steven Enochs, John Johnston, David Oliver, Ingrid Oliver, Phillip Maxim and member Jody Maxim.

Minutes from Board Meeting of February 2, 2017, minutes approved.

Agenda #1: Old Business;
Discussion and status of FST business license. Correct and remedy the status and documentation of the clubs business license so as to proceed with club business in accordance with club bylaws and city and state requirements. Steven Enochs will proceed with getting the necessary documentation updated and stating that the license is $100.00 for 2 years.

Newsletter, the newsletter will continue with Ingrid Oliver as managing editor producing an electronic copy for the club and John Johnston printing paper copies as needed. Ride reports and photos can be sent directly to Ingrid's email at

Alpine Creek Lodge ride scheduled for March 25th and 26th was discussed with suggestions that reservations be made early if you’re going to go on this ride, Phillip Maxim being the contact for this ride.

Financial Status: savings $1325.80, checking $2804.77. Note and approval of special vote by board members, John Johnston, David Oliver, Stoney Robertson, Steven Enochs at 2-15-17 General Membership Meeting for the purchase accounting hardware and software totaling 440.96. Noted the need to retrieve and acquire the clubs P.O. Box key and checkbook from Jody Nolan and possibly a thumb drive with club archival photos. Active pursuit in the balancing of club books along with the need for assessment and organizing of club inventory. Steven E. suggests a “standard operating procedure” or (sop).

The Winter Show at the Carlson Ctr. Is a go. Will be sharing booth space with Iron Dog at a cost of $212.50. Stoney R. will attempt to convert 2 VHS club tapes to DVD for display at the show.

Events to pursue: Swap meet. The swap meet will be open for discussion at a later date. Steven E. noted that he is in touch with Sam Friedman at the Daily News Miner for the publication of club rides and events.

Treasurer Phillip Maxim will be the checkbook holder with signers being Stoney R. and or Steven E. Steven E. will also hold the key for the clubs safe deposit box.

Alaska Outdoor Council (AOC), our contact is Fairbanks representative Karen Gordon along with President Bill Iverson. Karen Gordon has been slated as proxy on behalf of FST for various voting needs. As a club we have permission to pursue host gaming and raffle events under their permit. Under their rules all monies collected are given to AOC with 90% given back to FST and 10% going to AOC.

New Business: Ride reports, leaders of rides shall provide pictures and commentary for website and newsletter purposes.

John Johnston states the membership database is up and will pursue the accuracy of its content with new membership applications going to Phillip M. Said database will be available to FST board members.

Bylaws Signatories are signed by the board members (2 copies) with Steven Enochs submitting one to attorney for the acquisition of the clubs business license.

The guest speaker at the upcoming general membership meeting will be Alyeska. They will also be on site to issue RUG (rules of use guidelines) permits to those that need them.

The end of season potluck will be held at Steven Enochs place off of Chena Marina May 20th 2017. Sign up for a dish online.

Wilderness Rescue and club interaction will be addressed at the upcoming General Membership meeting. Suggestions being how club and club members will be contacted.

The remaining Bonnefield trail bridge was discussed with the possibility of volunteering the club for the installation or help as needed to get the bridge in place.

Stoney R. addresses the board for the purpose of providing complimentary FST memberships and FST items for promotional events in Dawson,YT for the Trek over Top. All agreed.

Tabled items for future discussion: John Johnston addresses the possibilities of club promotional items and the revisiting of club old stock of stickers, patches, mugs, t-shirts etc.. Seeking ideas for purpose of getting and or ordering more. Will look into the costs of said items. Discussion of the benefits of membership i.e. trails, safety, new and or inexperienced riders and the importance of the clubs newsletter.

The next General Membership Meeting is scheduled Wednesday March 15, 2017 at the Outpost at 7:00pm.

The next FST board meeting is April 13th moved from April 6th as per board. Tentatively 6:00 pm at Denny's.

John Johnston motions to adjourn with Steven Enochs 2nd meeting adjourned 8:15pm.

Submitted, David Oliver FST secretary

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