FST Board Meeting Minutes 5-4-17

Minutes from the Board and General membership meetings.

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FST Board Meeting Minutes 5-4-17

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Fairbanks Snow Travelers, Board Meeting Minutes
5-4-17 @ Denny's Fairbanks, AK 6pm
Call to order @ 5:47pm
Board members present; John Johnston, Stoney Robertson, Steven Enochs. David Oliver, Ingrid Oliver, Phillip Maxim and guest Jody Maxim.
Approval of minutes for last two months, all yea. Approved.
Old Business;
John J. gives a report of club status, the clubs legal name is Fairbanks Snow Travelers Inc.. corporate status of club is in order and active. Fees of $164.00 for a new business license of both state and corporate entities. The requirement of biannual reporting is addressed and discussed.
Steven Enochs addresses the need for club guidelines for new board members and new president so to retain consistency with old and new club leadership. A policy committee with John J., Stoney R., Steven E. will draft and implement these guidelines.
Keys to safe deposit box and post office box are discussed and noted as follows, John J. has one P.O. Box key with the 2nd key missing, Stoney R. and John J. each have a safe deposit box key.
The ATV ride scheduled for June 24th needs a ride leader.
The financial report is as follows, checking $2534.69, savings is $326.10, CD $1000.00
New Business;
End of season potluck reminder, sign up for dish to bring at Perfect Potluck with code #8309.
FST patches are in and are $5.00
Discussion of Snow Rondy;
John J. has begun discussions with Corp of Engineers and Iron Dog as to provide sponsorship for this event as well as Chena Lakes ranger. It was reported that $1460.00, funds that were provided to the Snow Rondy of 2011/2012 with contingency for refundable monies, remains unaccounted for and are deemed gone. The need for help at this event was emphasized. Stoney R. will inquire with Ak Motor Mushers for the drag race information.
John J. has boxes of FST stuff that needs to be organized. Ingrid O. has agreed to organize and scan material as necessary.
Items that are tabled; Bonnefield trail, bridge #3 haul/installation. FST SwapMeet in October.
Discussion of Fundraising;
Ideas include, pea pot run, raffle with volunteers being needed and recruited. The pursuit of permitting and use in conjunction with AOC. The consensus being that we will align with AOC for present time. The need for receiving funds electronically is discussed with Steven E. inquiring with Denali State bank for the possibilities and information.
End of Season Potluck directions to be included for May newsletter, Steven needs chairs and paper goods.
The next Board meeting is 6-1-17 6pm at Denny's.
John J. motion to adjourn with Steven E. 2nd meeting adjourned at 7:24.


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