6-1-17 Fairbanks Snow Travelers board meeting minutes

Minutes from the Board and General membership meetings.

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6-1-17 Fairbanks Snow Travelers board meeting minutes

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Fairbanks Snow Travelers
6-1-17 Board meeting minutes, meeting held at Fairbanks Denny’s. Call to order 6:12pm.
Board members present; John Johnston, Steve Enochs, Stoney Robertson, David Oliver.

1. Approval of May 2017 minutes, Steven E. motion to approve with Stoney R. 2nd, minutes approved.
2. Discussion of the newsletter and potential start date is tabled as newsletter editor Ingrid O. is not present.
3. Steven E and John J continue with the clubs policies manual with the governing policies and procedures done and continue with financial and club procedure chapters.
4. Fundraising. No discussion feedback returned from board members regarding John J. question on the subject via email. Stoney R. spoke with a raffle expert and states that club participation is crucial, recommendations include sticking with a four wheeler instead of a snowmobile and starting small at first. As per discussion the raffle is put on hold at this time.
5. Steven E. leads a discussion on rides with food during or after the ride as a plus. Pea pot rides have been popular in the past. More over night rides were recommended also.
6. The need for the clubs non profit 501c3 status continues with Steven E motions with Dave O. as 2nd for the club to acquire this to further the clubs fundraising and ability to receive funding. Approved by board.
7. John J. requests input from board members regarding involvement and participation within the club and club events.
8. The next board meeting is scheduled for July 6, 2017 at Denny’s 6:00 pm.

Meeting adjourned 7:37pm.

Dave O. FST secretary.


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