8-3-17 Board Meeting Minutes held at Denny’s 6:00 pm

Minutes from the Board and General membership meetings.

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8-3-17 Board Meeting Minutes held at Denny’s 6:00 pm

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Fairbanks Snow Travelers
8-3-17 Board Meeting Minutes held at Denny’s 6:00 pm

Board members present; John Johnston, Phillip Maxim, Steven Enochs, Ingrid Oliver, David Oliver.
Meeting call to order 6:06pm

Old business
1. Accounting, Phillip M. treasurer, Ck $2367.51, sav $452.20, CD $1000.00. Steven E. will check with Denali State Bank about point of sale options and fees.
2. The return of the club newsletter will be ready for the October winter show on the 28th and 29th send pictures and content to Ingrid O.
3. The club swap meet is going to be held October 7th John J will search for a good high traffic location.
4. A review of the FST manual of policies and procedures is presented, it is noted the rough draft is done with sections 1 governing policies and procedures, 2 financial, 3 grants completed so far.
5. It was noted that Susan Duck is now leading Irondog coming from Iditarod taking over from Kevin Kastner.

New business
1. Board involvement addressed, let John know what one can give.
2. Nonprofit status, waiting for financial report from last 3 years to be completed.
3. Promotional goods discussed with quantities and price estimates for each. Shirts qty 12-35 is $12.25 ea. qty 36 to 71 is $11.15 ea. Ball caps and beanies looked at also with caps coming in at$26.00 ea. Steven motions for an order of 50 shirts with the board all in favor.
4. Input and ideas for the general calendar specifically October with set up for the winter show and booth set up. Steven gives suggestions, membership meetings, presentations with a theme and or speaker, possible potluck events etc.
5. The next board meeting is October 5th and general membership is October 18th .

Steven motions to adjourn with Ingrid 2nd .
Meeting adjourned at 7:48pm
Submitted by David Oliver, FST secretary


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