Genertal Membership Meeting Minutes, Oct 18, 2017

Minutes from the Board and General membership meetings.

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Genertal Membership Meeting Minutes, Oct 18, 2017

#1 Post by john » Wed Oct 25, 2017 11:42 am

Oct 28, 2017

Denny’s, Outpost location changed due to issue with vendor. Vendor rep stuck in the ditch. 18 folks showed.
Financial report: Checking $1,410.98; saving $452.00; CD $1,000.00
Lifetime membership(s) were moved into 12 month CD account.
Membership dues due tonight for all members, membership expires in Sept every year.
Winter show membership fee discount offered to all in attendance to the same as Winter Show, $20.00 for family.
Business licensing, Corp Filing and EIN redone and good.
501(c) (3) applied for with IRS
Square credit card reader purchased and implemented for credit card transactions. Square was the most economical option for us as no service fees are charged when “not” used.
New 3" round patches are $5.00 ea.
New T-shirts are $17.50 ea. With a $2.50 discount at the winter show
Club purchased a new low end laptop and the Quicken accounting program. The lost financial records were re-created using bank statements and check book copies for past four years.
A Policy and Procedures Manual was developed by the board and is to be made available on the club web site. The manual provides direction for the club to operate and outlines board member duties.
Funding was discussed, no consensus on ideas.
Rides, the 2017/2018 Ride Calendar is complete and available in newsletters and online.
Snow Rondy was discussed and tabled,
The Angle Creek to Central ride is being considered for Mar. Need the assistance of some Central Riders to make it a go.
Winter Show, Oct 28th and 29th. John, Stoney and Steve E to set up on Friday 27th at noon. Help to staff table:
John J all day both days
John L Sat, Noon to 6:00 PM
Steve S, Sat, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
More folks need to help.
Last bridge on Bonnnifield Trail in Flats, will discuss with Shawn of FT WW rec to schedule transport and installation.
Ride suggestion, add the Stampede trail to the ride list, day ride.
Door Prizes won:
Peter V – Kawasaki Riding Jacket
Tim B – Gallon 2 cycle oil
John L – Water Bottle
Note: Peter donated the jack back to club for Winter Show drawing prize.

Adjourned at 9:15 PM

Next meeting Nov 15th @ Northern Power Sports.

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