Jan 2019 Board Meeting

Minutes from the Board and General membership meetings.

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Jan 2019 Board Meeting

#1 Post by john » Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:38 am

Meeting took place at Pikes Landing on 01/03/2019 at 6:15pm. Board members Steve, Stoney, Dan, Tim and guest Evan, were present.

Finance/Business report: $6537 total in all accounts. $3240 in checking. The second 120cc Polaris snow machine has been sold for $1500. This money will be put into savings for the time being. The CD account matures in March 2019. The club’s business license has been renewed and is good for two years now.

The 2019 Outdoor Winter show is scheduled for October 27-28th. The club received a letter asking if we want to participate again this year. The board has said “yes” to reserve the same spot, but no money has been committed to rent the space.

The club received a letter from Alaska Trails asking for a donation. There was no mention of support for the trails North of the Alaska range. After much discussion, Steve will draft a letter explaining why we will no longer support them.

Steve has the club’s laptop computer. He discovered that the Microsoft data base is “read only”. Need to correct this.

Stoney will try to get the printer and supplies from John’s house this week and give it to Nathan, so he can print the news letters. Note: Stoney has one save deposit key and one mailbox key.

The board has decided to have the sweetheart run scheduled on February 16th, to run from Nordale road to Two Rivers Lodge. It was originally scheduled to go to the Monderosa in Nenana, but there are concerns on running on the Tanana River, and the overall distance.

The overnight ride into Tolovana Hot Springs will not happen this year. Dan tried to reserve the weekends beginning on the first week of March, throughout the whole month. The hot springs has changed the way they have done business for reserving the cabins. It is 90 days in advance of your travel dates, then those names are entered into a lottery system since this is considered “Prime time”. We were not drawn for any weekend. Working on alternate plans. (Maybe reserving a cabin in the Chena Hot Springs area).

Next general meeting will be at Compeaus at 7:00pm. Dan will make the reservations.

Steve will post sample ballets for the upcoming board elections. There can be up to eight board members according to the charter.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm

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