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Rosebud Summit Ride Report.

Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:55 pm
by Stoney
Only four people showed up, so it was just a small group. The temp. was great, but I had problems with the flat light and fogging goggles. I rode a portion of the ride without them. The trip was only about 40 miles, but slow 10 to 15 miles per. hour in the moguls. On last climb to the summit, I got off the trail, almost got stuck and stopped on the last flat spot. I told Dave and Dan I would stay put, and they could climb the last steep section to the summit. They both went up in different directions, Dave came back down, but not Dan. After thinking he might be stuck, or turned around in the flat light, he came back down. We wasted no time heading back down into the trees where John was waiting. We had a few inches of overflow on Angel Creek, lots of new snow and hot meal on our return to the lodge. Stoney :fluffly: