Report from MacLaren

Let us know what the weather (hopefully snow fall) is like in your area

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Report from MacLaren

#1 Post by john » Sun Nov 14, 2010 7:47 am

Hello Everyone!!!

Welcome to the 2010/2011 Snow machine Season!

Although the Maclaren River has not frozen enough for riding on, we are getting SNOW! The forecast is for more over the next few days.
Looks like we are finally going to get our riding in this year without hitting rocks in low snow.

So far there has been a foot or more on the Denali Highway. Traffic has stopped except for the riders (this is for the snow machines and dog sleds).
This morning there was a small dumping of an additional 3 inches or so and NO wind in the Maclaren Valley.

Even though the trails do not have enough to really ride on, the main trail has plenty.

As always, be careful out there and watch out for each other! There are lots of dog teams and skiers on the trails, so please be courteous.

Alan Echols
Vice President
Denali Highway Trail Club

PS: With the start of the new membership drive, please insure that your emails and those of your friend’s emails are updated.

Keep watching the webcam at

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