Board Meeting, March 2018

Minutes from the Board and General membership meetings.

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Board Meeting, March 2018

#1 Post by john » Mon Mar 05, 2018 8:10 am

Meeting took place at Denny’s on 3/1/2018 at 6:00pm. All six board members present.

Finance report: No expenses since the last month. Currently 84 paid members. Currently we have $500 more in the bank as compared to last year’s balance at this same time. This includes the expenses of buying a laptop computer/software, t-shirts, patches and the avalanche class. Steve would like to see a printed budget report with all expenditures to review during the next board meeting.

One item brought up was to have a pea-pod/poker run like there was many years ago. It was decided that it was too late in the season this year to sponsor one, but we could plan to have one next year.

Guest speaker Chris Knott, from Edward Jones came and talked to us about investment of some of the club funds. One of his recommendations was to invest in conservative mutual funds for a minimum of two years due to the stock market ups and downs. The other recommendation was to invest in short term CD’s since it is expected that the interest rate for the country will go up this year, which in turn will pay higher dividends in CD’s.

The Board decided to invest in a short term (6 month) CD once the current CD ($1000) matures at the end of this month. Steve will check several federal credit unions to see who is paying the highest interest rate. Steve and Stoney will make the transfer by the end of the month. (Note, I check my bank today “Credit Union 1” and their rates are: 6 months .30%; 12 months .70%; and 18 months .95%.

Trail Foundation: No action at this time
BLM White mountains: No word at this time
Bonnifield trail bridges: No word at this time

Upcoming concerns:

• March 10th. Stampede Trail (Near Healy). Currently there is no leader for this trip.
• Quarterly newsletter. No one has stepped up to volunteer and take this task. We talked about hiring someone but this could be costly to the club. Need to look at a long-term solution

Next month board meeting topic:
1) Look at options to increase membership, and possible additional funds for the club.
2) Plan and develop a schedule for ATV rides during the upcoming summer months.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm

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